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Famciclovir 500 Mg

Related post: one thousand five hundred and ninety-eight (1,598) students. In her other departments at Cambridge are eight hundred and twenty-two (822). As law, clerical and other students dine side by side with the undergraduates, the total number, two thousand four hundred and twenty (2,420), is taken as a basis for this inquiry. The dining places of one thousand nine hundred and forty-two (1,942) students have been ascertained. These are one hundred (100) in number. For our purposes they may be grouped as follows : Group A includes the boarding places. Four hundred and thirty-one (431) students, including those who board at home, have been ascertained to take their meals at such. The charges at these places varied from $4.00 to $8.00 a week for food alone, $8.00 being the more common charge. As to quality of food it varied from indifferent to very Order Famciclovir Online good, i.e. good as judged by old time standards of cooking. In no case did I find any knowledge of what I may call modern scientific cookery, consequently all are illustrations of the wasteful methods characteristic of New England cookery. One advantage possessed by these places is that in them the agreeable conversation of a few congenial friends is likely to be at hand to aid digestion, which, if not completely neutralizing the ill effects of possible improper food, is likely to inculcate a desire for dining in restful ways, a habit which will go far, in his later days, towards turning a man from that evil of modern business life, the hasty standing lunch. 208 THE INFLUENCE OF Group B includes the Cambridge restaurants. About two hundred (200) students regularly board in these, and others take occasional meals at them. I have data of five such places, where, from the Purchase Famciclovir Online eggs on toast of John of the Holly Tree Coffee House, are to be found meals supposed to suit all tastes and purses. The charge at one table was $3.50 a week, then through the cafes, Buy Famciclovir such as " Allnut's," "The Crimson," and "Belcher's," they varied up to $8.00, each being about $1.00 more costly than corresponding places in Boston. The quality of the diet varied in the same ratio. Only one of these restaurants can be called first- class. At that the table was excellent. Food was well served in several courses, Famciclovir 500 Mg noticeable among: which were delicately cooked meats, salads, etc. But it is not con- ducive to the enjoyment of a meal, nor can one recommend it Order Famciclovir from a sanitary standpoint,. to eat in a dingy basement, ventilated from a dusty business square, nor is it well to pay so much for meals. Eight dollars a week is a needless extravagance for a student. Of the diets of the lesser-cost places, the less said of them the better. They, or their results, are well known to our profession. Their tough steaks, their unsavory vege- tables, improperly cooked and poorly served, are as capable of supplying us with anaemic, dyspeptic patients from the stalwart ranks of student life as from the young men and women clerks and tradesmen here in town. Indeed some of us, perchance, have learned that while certain medical students are being provided for at the bountiful tables of the athletic or other club, many a student is struggling with "fried ham," a "side order of pie," and "a cup of tea" at some cheap restaurant. It is pitiable to see the " mealers " at these places. (For there, as at all, I took especial notice of the apparent con- dition of those I met at table.) They deserve our fullest COLLEGE LIFE ON HEALTH. 209 sympathy. All of us ought to know that Famciclovir 500mg the means for relief are at hand, and only need our intelligent aid to have them widely spread. Group C, viz., of large dining halls, in part, at least, under the surpervision of the University. Of this group there is but one representative. But in this one, Harvard has a part of a splendid " Purchase Famciclovir Famciclovir Buy Memorial " to her sons who fell in war in which she may well take pride. Here in the great hall set aside for dining purposes, surrounded Buy Cheap Famciclovir by the portraits of illustrious older brothers, nearly eleven hundred (1,100) students daily dine. Probably at no time in the history of Memorial Hall has it been so successful as at Buy Famciclovir Online present. It is fortunate in the possession of an energetic, faithful steward and of judicious officers. Its table, with trifling exceptions, has given more satisfaction than ever before. The food was found to be of excellent quality. The price of board has averaged less than $4.00 a week throughout the year, though most students pay rather more than this by ordering extras. You may well ask what more could be desired ? and why not duplicate this as nearly as possible as the best method of supplying students with meals ? Certain defects were noticeable at Memorial. In the first place, whereas the Dining Hall may easily seat five or six hundred students at a time, to-day it must provide for twice as many. This is accomplished by reserving about one- third of the tables for a general table, i. e. where, just as in a hotel, the first to come are first served. The greater number of tables are still, as of old, club tables. This plan works fairly well for the most part, but every now and then there happens what never should happen, viz., a harmful over-crowding. Picture to yourselves the unwieldy sec- tions of the great Freshman class swarming in Generic Famciclovir after a lecture, all hungry for lunch. It is not conducive to good digestion to have an indifferent waiter bring you an Famciclovir Online
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